Aromatique Cotton Ginseng Diffuser Oil 4 oz.

The Cotton Ginseng Diffuser Oil is the perfect addition to your favorite decorative reed diffuser. Filled with a relaxing fragrance of freshly picked cotton blended with jasmine, eucalyptus, and lavender florals - keep your diffuser fresh by having plenty of this oil on hand!

Directions: Pour the Aromatique diffuser oil into decorative bottle. Insert reeds. Reeds will absorb the fragrance oil and deliver long-lasting fragrance. To maximize the fragrance, invert reeds as needed.

Fragrance Notes: Jasmine, Ozone, Lemon, Cotton, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Amber

Details: Use time depends on frequency of use; shelf-life one year; 4 fl. oz.; 2.7"SQ x 10.7"H
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