Dean Crouser Dragonfly Latte Mug

Watercolor artist Dean Crouser gives his personal touch to this collection with simple and unique household goods that feature his vibrantly painted designs. Using his brush, he creates bold imagery of animals and plants that enhances ceramic, stoneware, wood, and composite pieces. Anyone with a love of the Great Outdoors will see the beauty in a pack of stylized wild horses or the rainbow colors in the butterfly's wings created by this artist for DEMDACO. When you love coffee or tea, it makes sense to have a special cup to serve it in. Treat yourself to something different with the Dragonflies Latte Mug. The tall, white mug has a square base and round rim. The exterior hosts a cluster of beautifully painted dragonflies in flight. The inside is a solid, light green color. The dragonfly mug holds up to 20 oz. of liquid. It is made from stoneware and measures 3.75"dia x 5.75"h. This mug is microwave and dishwasher safe.
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