Wabi Whiffs Drop in the Ocean Toot Spray 2 oz.

2oz Drop In The Ocean (Lemongrass + Sea Salt) TooT Spray

Fragrance Description: Lemongrass and sea salt crash together like ocean waves at first light. Aromas of botanical coastal grasses, clean and crisp.

Who TooTed? When your Badass blows kisses, use Wabi Whiffs TooT Spray for victory over poo and bathroom anxiety. TooT Spray is an odor eliminator and air freshener that eliminates bathroom and poo odors instantly. It’s not another cover-up or deodorizer. No Nose Will Ever Know what happened in the bathroom.

Directions: Just Spray into the air and be assured no nose will ever know who TooTed! Repeat as necessary or until the TooT TooT train passes! Great for trash cans, diaper bags, gym bags, shoes or wherever life happens!


2 fl oz
Over 400 sprays
Discreet, convenient and works instantly
Eliminates poo & bathroom odors
Water soluble fine mist
Non-Toxic bathroom odor solution
Great for offices, community environments, saves relationships and those just starting to bloom
Contains no dies or pigments
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